EBAY BASICS: Where to find answers

So you’ve gathered your supplies and have your accounts set up.

Before you sell ANYTHING on eBay, I INSIST that you check out eBay’s Learning Center!

Ebay wants you to learn how to use their site (surprise!) and they have a very detailed learning center geared towards guiding ebayers throughout the entire process of using their services.  It will be your ebay manual for almost everything you do.

On your ebay homepage, scroll over “Customer Support” and a drop-down menu will appear.  Click on “Learning Center”


This new page will guide you through to selling and buying.  Once you click on “New to ebay” a new page appears.  This will keep me from going on and on about facts about ebay that are already well-written on their own site!  Get acquainted!


You can generally find the answer to your basic questions through their guides.  If not, you may choose to ask a fellow ebay member.  I would suggest these methods before choosing to contact ebay, as that can be quite a task by itself.  In the years that I have been selling on ebay, I have called them three or four times.  This is due to their long wait time that may not be worth it if your question is something simple such as, “should I insure my item?”

I would, however, recommend a call to ebay if there is an issue with a buyer or your account.  Be warned, you will wait a LONG time.

It is very helpful to read about buyer and seller protection, as they will both directly affect how resolution cases end.  This includes unpaid items and returns.  I still make sure all my bases are covered in case a buyer decides to open a case against me.  I have won almost every dispute because of my extensive research and attention to detail.  (This helps protect you against losses from your own pocket!)

Finally, research the fees associated with selling.  Ebay has introduced an upcoming change to their fees which will benefit the buyer.  Fees associated include:

  • Insertion fees (pay to list your item)
  • Final Value Fee (call it “ebay commission” for your sold item price)
  • Listing additions (larger pictures, multiple categories, higher list price…etc)
  • Cost of shipping (USPS is deducted real time, Fed Ex and UPS may be billed)
  • PayPal fees (“paypal commission” from buyer’s payment)
  • Store subcription fee (if you choose to open an eBay Store for more exposure)



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