A little about me…

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband and our two daughters.  I am currently a stay at home mom, taking the plunge in 2009 when my older daughter was a few months old.  With the rising cost of daycare and gas, driving 50 miles a day to work and paying almost twice the mortgage payment a month on daycare just wasn’t making sense anymore!  We decided to delve into the wonderful world of ebaying full time, allowing me to leave work and stay at home with my young children.

In this blog, I hope to cover many aspects of ebay in our perspective.  That is, a small business owned by a husband and wife.  We do not own a warehouse or use a wholesale warehouse company to ship our merchandise.  We buy our own items, inspect & test, clean (if applicable) and sell the items all on our own.

I hope you enjoy reading interacting with this blog as much as I will enjoy posting content!  I look forward to hearing from my readers with any comments or suggestions to make this blog as informative as possible!


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